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Preventative Herd Health

Preventative herd health care is a priority to meet production goals. Herd health consultations can be scheduled during which a veterinarian can walk through your facilities with you or sit down and make recommendations based on your farm's records or your questions. Ultrasound technology can be used to evaluate the severity of lung damage in calves with pneumonia. This can help you with culling decisions.

Services include:

  • Vaccination protocol development

  • Treatment protocol development

  • Fresh cow wellness programs

  • In-house milk culture testing

  • Reproductive services

  • Disease outbreak investigation and workups

  • Calf care programs

  • Building and ventilation analysis

Reproductive Herd Health

Managing reproductive performance is key to a successful herd health plan. Reproductive ultrasound examination is regularly utilized by WVS to obtain the following information for our clients.

  • Ovarian structure identification

  • Pregnancy detection starting at 28 days post-breeding

  • Twin Detection

  • Fetal sexing at 60-100 days gestation

  • Reproductive abnormality and disease diagnosis

Your veterinarian can help you interpret your dairy's records to set goals for your herd and to benchmark your herd against the industry average. Develop or enhance your reproductive management protocols to ensure the necessary success in getting your cows pregnant. 

Male Reproduction Evaluation

Ensuring your bull is at peak condition for breeding season is crucial for a profitable year for your farm. Annual examination is recommended as well as before any breeding stock purchase. This examination can be done either on farm or at the Waukon Sale Barn.

The breeding soundness exam (BSE) includes:

  • Physical exam for breeding soundness

  • Semen Evaluation

    • Gross motility​​

    • Sperm morphology

  • Testicular palpation and circumference measurement

  • Palpation of the accessory sex glands

  • Venereal disease testing sample collection (optional)


Waukon Veterinary Service is capable of performing many surgical procedures on-farm. Surgeries performed include:

  • Displaced abomasum correction

  • Hernia repair

  • Cesarean section

  • Enucleation (eye removal)

  • Gastrointestinal emergencies

  • Septic joint flushing

  • Routine (and not so routine) castrations (high flankers)

  • Abscess lancing and flushing

  • Dehorning

Wellness Exams & Treatment

In addition to regular herd health visits to your farm, individual examination and treatment is available whenever the need arises for sick livestock, including emergencies after hours.


To schedule an appointment or to reach a veterinarian after hours,

call (563) 568-2487.


Neonatal Calf Care

We have established a neonatal ICU for IV fluid treatment and additional heat for those chilled calves needing extra special care. During calving season especially, calves born prematurely or in especially poor weather conditions will need additional treatment. Waukon Veterinary Service offers this treatment in-clinic for producers who would prefer to bring these calves in and have the clinic stabilize and monitor them.


Questions about this process? Give WVS a call at (563) 568-2487. 

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